A Bookish Remake

Everyone who’s anyone has already said their piece about the new live-action Beauty and the Beast (2017) with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. There’s the whole controversy about LeFou, there’s the wah-wah about adding new songs and making it longer. There’s this, that, and the other all in the news. So, why would someone who writes a blog about “bookish” things have anything to say about the new version of this beloved childhood film?

Well, if you’re anything like me (fellow bookworms, can I get an AMEN!?), you’ve been walking around since the early 90’s telling anyone who wanted to know that Belle is your favorite princess. Why? Because she loves to read, and that makes her “rather odd”. And, like Belle, you’ve always got your “nose stuck in a book”, so there’s “no denying she’s (I’m) a funny girl”. Right? Are you singing the song yet?


Let’s continue: also, if you’re anything like me, there was just a niggling little doubt in the back of your mind. Let’s put aside the fact that Belle falls for a Beast, and talk about the fact that, despite her loathing Gaston for his inability to love books like her (among other things), this doesn’t seem to stand in the way of her budding relationship with the Beast.


In point of fact, Belle finds out that the Beast cannot read either, and rather than shaking her head at him – see above GIF, she takes the time to sit with him and teach him about her favorite past time.


This can’t just be me that this bothers, right?? Look at the Beast giving some serious side-eye up there.

Well, have no fear book-lovers. If you’re one of the five people who hasn’t seen the new live-action version of B&TB, hitch up, Phillippe, girl, and get to the movies! In the 2017 Disney remake, they changed just a few things (how Maurice gets to the Beast’s castle, how he gets caught, a few bonding moments for the title couple, etc), but one of the most important, for book lovers, at least, is that…. TADA! The Beast is well read! He had a very expensive education! 🙂 The first REAL conversation he and Belle have together is about her favorite book and then he takes her to the library to show her his favorites!


live library

And that, my friends, is enough to make one fall in love. Even with someone who otherwise appears to be a Beast. Yes? ❤ ❤ ❤


2 thoughts on “A Bookish Remake

  1. I saw the Disney version of B&TB with my very first boyfriend, on our first date, when I was 17 years old (this REALLY dates me, I know!!). Loved it sooooooo much, but I took MAJOR issue with the fact that Beast could not read!!!! It just bothered me so much. Glad to know that issue has been resolved. I don’t really do movies these days, but maybe (just maybe) I’ll make an exception for this one…


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