Amp Up Your Reading in 2017

Have you ever done a reading challenge? Do you try to read a certain number of books each year? Do you just pick stuff up at random or do you need a guide to keep you moving? If so, check out the following reading challenges! A reading challenge is a great way to guide your reading through the year, or get you going again if you feel “stuck” after a book and don’t know what to read next.

I’m challenging myself for the following year based on last year’s statistics. I want to read more books, more books from the library, more books by people of color, and some short stories. With that in mind, I’m trying to fulfill the following categories for my reading next year:notes-on-bookmarks This is how these categories stacked up for me this past year:

  • Read 140 books – this year I read 123, but my reading didn’t REALLY ramp up until May, so I think this is doable
  • Read at least 50% books that are borrowed – yikes… this year only 35% of my books came from the library, friends, and galley copies, which means I spent a lot of money on books!
  • Read at least 20 books by people who aren’t white – this year I read 19
  • Read a short story collection – I have NEVER done this!
  • Read a book that was translated from its original language – Fredrik Backman gave me 3 in this category this year
  • Read 30 non-fiction – I read 26 this year
  • Read a book by an author that died before I was born – This year I read 3 from authors that passed before I was born, but two were children’s chapter books
  • Read a book under 100 pages – if I count read-alouds with the kids, this is easy, but making this happen with an “adult” book is more difficult!
  • Read a book over 500 pages – my longest this year was 11/22/63 at 849 pages
  • Read a book set in New Mexico – I didn’t pull this off this year, but did read some NM authors!
  • Read a book from an LGBTQ author – I read only two of these this year
  • Read a literary award-winner – I read a few of these this year!

If you’d like to create your own challenge, feel free to use any of these categories! If you’d like one ready-made for you, take a look at the ones below!

modern-mrs-darcyModern Mrs. Darcy: Choose Your Own Adventure Reading Challenge – You can choose to read for fun (12 books) or read for growth (12 books) or read for both (all 24 categories!)


momadviceMomAdvice Reading Challenge – I’m a huge fan of Amy Allen Clark and her MomAdvice book club. She came up with this fun reading challenge printable for the year. If you click through to her site, you can even see the books she has chosen for all 52 of these categories!

popsugarThe PopSugar Reading Challenge – 40 categories ranging from “a book about career advice” to “a book with a cat on the cover” and another 12 ADVANCED categories if you want to try for a book a week!

bookriotBook Riot’s Read Harder – 24 tasks and/or reading categories to “explore topics or formats or genres that you wouldn’t normally try”

challiesChallies Christian Reading Challenge This one has 4 levels: Light –> Avid –> Committed –> Obsessed. You choose how many you want to try to attempt, of course! Light includes only 13 books (one every 4 weeks), then 26 for Avid, 52 for Committed, and 104 for Obsessed readers!

better-worldBetter World Books 24 categories including “a book that’s been adapted into a movie” and a movie-watching bonus!

You can also find a master list of many other options on Girl XOXO‘s roundup of 2017 reading challenges! She has over 100 compiled!


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