What I’ve Learned Lately (June 2016)

Linking up with Emily P Freeman to share the things I learned in June 2016 (from the fabulous to the mundane).

  1. Following up on May’s post, I got to use a different camera body this month when we went camping with a group of friends and my battery died on the FIRST night, after only eight photos (what I learned: Charge before we go)! Although I’ve loved my camera for forever now, I can definitely appreciate some of the upgrades made to it in the next style and think it might be time for an update. I’ve decided to start saving for a new body to expand some of those features (faster shutter speed, higher ISO, etc). It’s so fun to be able to use the knowledge I’ve gleaned and actually have a camera that I love, and also know what else I’m looking for!
  1. Oh my goodness, people. The Squatty Potty is nothing new, but I finally took the plunge (no pun intended) and ordered one for J as a Father’s Day gift (also bought one for my dad, but he’s not fully on board yet). It’s been about a week now, and I definitely understand the hype. Not to get into detail, because no one needs that…. BUTT we went on a two-day vacation this past weekend, sans Squatty Potty, and I can definitely appreciate the difference! We’ve always loved coming home because we get to sleep in our own beds, but now I’ve got another reason to love coming home!
  1. June was a big, emotional month for so many reasons. We, officially, have our first woman nominee for President of the United States. No matter where you stand on the political spectrum, that’s a big deal. Because it means that top job is open to anyone, which it technically was before, but now it’s not a question of IF it will happen. It’s something you can tell your sisters, daughters, and nieces about as something we accomplished in this generation. And that is worth celebrating.
  1. It was big and emotional for another reason: Orlando. This devastating news about mass shootings seems to keep replaying and getting less and less coverage each time. This month’s shooting hit me especially hard though, and it seemed so much more devastating by the fact that this time around, it seemed some people were on the “that’s what they get” side of the fence, which just breaks my heart wide open. I spent oh-so-many hours and days this month weeping, watching videos about violence, reading the lists of names of the victims, and praying words of comfort over their families. And it’s not enough. I feel shackled by our nation, by the NRA, by a broken government system, by the inability to come up with solutions that SHOULD be acceptable across the board. And I’m just sick and tired of it, and don’t know what to do. So, maybe this isn’t something I learned, but something I’m living with, and trying to learn about.
  1. Finally, I have a new favorite pen. I’ve been a Pilot G2 junkie for forever and ever. And then I turned into a Staedtler Fineliner addict (seriously, I could use those to make EVERYTHING pretty); they are the absolute best for grown-up coloring books! But although the SF pens are some of my favorites, the nibs are fragile and I’ve already had a kiddo break one. So, I bought PaperMate InkJoy Gel Fine Point (0.5mm) pens on Amazon last week and just started trying them out. They are absolutely lovely. Thin, precise lines. Clicky tops, nice grips. I bought an 8-pack and already know I’ll be buying MANY more in the months and years to come!

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