Links I Love – June 2016

So much talent: Disney/Pixar Characters Sing “Hello”

Mostly for mother’s day, but I keep crying every time I hear this new song.

Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Summer Reading Guide has been released!

More bookish goodies:

Summer reading lists for 8-10 and 10-13 year olds on The Art of Simple (many great options for reading aloud)

For younger kiddos: 100 Picture Books to Read This Summer

Two free YA Audiobooks (yours to keep, not to borrow) are released every week through the summer on

Two more Modern Mrs. Darcy lists if you’re looking for something specific: 11 YA novels for summer reading and 17 big, fat books for summer reading (because sometimes summer is the only time you have to tackle those behemoths!)

To keep away the summer “I’m bored”s: 10 Creative Summer Learning Ideas.

Although I’m not sure about “every”, most of these were true for me: 22 Things Every Woman Needs in Her Life

This 13 year old on America’s Got Talent? All the tears.

We wanted to hit the airshow last weekend but the Thunderbirds had to cancel after two jet crashes the weekend before. So, I was excited to share this video with my boys so they could live it from inside the cockpit instead. Be sure to move your mouse around so you can look in all 360 degrees. It’s amazing.

This is not new, at all, but we are finally starting “Chapter Books” around here and LOVING it, so I’m deep diving into this list using the library, the used bookstores, and Amazon, of course! I also found a treasure trove of these at my parents’ house over Memorial Day and snagged a bunch! My Favorite First Novels to Read Aloud with Kids


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