What I’m Into – May 2016

Linking up with Leigh Kramer to share What I’m Into for the month of May.

I was on the Podcasting bandwagon about 5-6 years ago when I drove quite a bit in Portland and I had a baby that didn’t have any opinions about what we listened to in the care. But then I fell out of the habit as my oldest became more independent. Just last month, I got a recommendation from a friend to try it again and I haven’t looked back! I even bought some of those nerdy Bluetooth headphones so that I can listen while I’m doing other stuff and the cord doesn’t get caught on things… which was driving me crazy. My favorite favorites (of the 12 or so I subscribe to right now) are: Sorta Awesome, Edit Your Life (cohosted by Asha Dornfest, who I interviewed this month), Happiercast with Gretchen Rubin, Popcast with Knox and Jamie, Read Aloud Revival, and God-Centered Mom. They are all so different and I learn and laugh and love and just enjoy each one!

When you get into blogging about authors and books, and connect with other bloggers who talk about authors and books, you are bound to hear about NetGalley. NetGalley connects publishers and their “Advanced Reader Copies” (advanced as in pre-release not… really highly intelligent readers) to the people who want to read them. And that is the coolest. It feels so “professional” to get to read a book before it’s released to the public! Some are just given when you request them, and some you have to ask for and wait for approval. Getting approval is like someone saying “sure, I trust your judgment.” Which is almost as awesome as having people stop by my blog and read posts! J

I briefly mentioned TheSkimm in my What I’ve Learned in May post, because it is part of my morning routine on the weekends. I’ve been “into” it now for probably 8 months or so, and thought it probably bears mentioning again. It’s a daily (weekday) email that recaps the news over the past 24 hours or the previous weekend. It makes me feel informed about anything major without feeling like I have to read all the news articles linked all over the interwebs, which is exhausting and depressing and overwhelming. So, I open up TheSkimm every morning, get updated on the state of the world, and then feel like I can mostly ignore the additional deluge of information, which is better for all of us (by “all of us” I mean “me”).

Favorite Instagram:


Last weekend, I went to Payson, AZ with three of my favorite girlfriends and my bestest bestest friend from forever and a day. We had a chill weekend of movies and books and facemasks and giggling and Cards Against Humanity. This is one of my favorite moments from a weekend I will remember forever.


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