What I’ve Learned Lately (May 2016)

Linking up with Emily P Freeman to share the things I learned in May 2016 (from the fabulous to the mundane).

  1. How to take REAL photos with the camera I’ve had for 10+ years. 13243904_10104871533908892_6134656546631205144_oAfter a friend of mine took an intro to DSLR class, I got jealous and contacted the teacher to ask if she had a more advanced level rather than introductory. I’ve known my way around my camera for a while, but I didn’t ever put that knowledge into use. I asked her for a class to get me more familiar with those settings and then learn a bit more about how to document our lives and take beautiful photos. She totally delivered. After 3 hours, my brain was full, but I’ve grabbed my camera more over the past few weeks to capture the moment than I did in the past 10 years. It was so worth my time and I LOVE my camera now!
  1. Trying to wash wood stain off your hands with water makes a huge mess. 20160522_160921For mother’s day, my husband agreed to buy the materials and work with me to build the next big project I had on our to-do list. It came together well, and then I got to stain it over a few days in our garage. The first day, I just threw away the foam brush I used to put the stain on, but after the second day I decided to wash it out. Holy moly was that a mistake. I SHOULD have bought paint thinner, but instead ended up spending an hour scrubbing out the sink afterwards, and it still looks awful.
  1. 20 minutes to myself in the morning changes my whole day. After being inspired to take back my mornings (the only part of my day where it’s quiet and no one talks to me), I started setting my alarm for 6:15 on Jason’s work days. Then I moved it back to 6:05. The kiddos’ “green light” goes on at 6:45, so that gives me a solid 40 minutes to read TheSkimm, do a short Bible study, catch up on social media, and just generally feel like I didn’t have to give to EVERYONE else all day long. It sets the tone for my day and makes me much more forgiving of all my boys later.
  1. Being pregnant over thirty is totally different from being pregnant under 30. As I’ve entered the last trimester of this third baby, I find I have so many more little complaints than I have in the past. With our first two boys, I felt like I just breezed through pregnancy with no complications. Now, I feel like the years have taken their toll a bit more!
  1. I like Myers-Briggs but I really feel like I know ME better through the Enneagram. This month, I re-took the MBTI test at 16personalities.com and felt like “yeah, that’s me…” But then I took an e-course that recommended determining your Enneagram type as well. As a basic primer, you can check out Anne Bogel’s post at Modern Mrs. Darcy about the difference between the two. When I found out what type I was (2, if you’re curious), I felt like I had been unlocked! It explained so much about what kind of reactions I have, and the way I behave when I’m healthy and thriving versus under stress and floundering. It just felt like a total lightbulb, much more so than MBTI ever did for me.

7 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned Lately (May 2016)

  1. Totally with you on these, especially being pregnant over 30 (though I was never pregnant in my 20’s-my patients say it’s much harder), early mornings, and the enneagram. I’m reading Richard Rohr’s The Enneagram:a Christian Perspective, which is good so far. It seems to be a more useful tool for personal growth.


  2. So many points of contact here. Just barely getting acquainted with the Enneagram and fascinated and whoa — first pregnancy at 31; last pregnancy of 4 at 39. It was such a big difference! Blessings to you!


    1. Indeed we do. I just had always gone on the assumption that I needed sleep more! But really, I find that those 20-40 minutes in the morning are more valuable to me than the sleep would be, and I’m so grateful for them!


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